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Themba is a english goldendoodle out of Ebony and Rex!
He is owned by Carrie! Carrie says " This is Themba.  His parents are Ebony and Rex, and he is 9 months old.  He is an English goldendoodle, which you can see by his stocky, powerful build and light colouring.  Themba's name means "trust" in Zulu, and he really lives up to his name.  Well, maybe not with mittens, or cheese left out on the kitchen counter, but we're working on that.  But in pretty much every other way, Themba is  a patient, good-natured and intelligent dog who we trust to be a faithful and loving member of our family.  He learns very quickly, and always tries hard to do his best.  When the children are running around and he knows that our toddler is likely to get knocked over by his enthusiastic, 70 lb, puppy self, he asks to go outside so he can wrestle with a big stick and not cause any upset.  The children just adore him,  and an outing is not complete without him.  He has already travelled to Nova Scotia and splashed in the ocean, and showed himself to be a very calm and adaptable traveller.  Friends of ours were so impressed with him, and with Sherry's breeding program in general, that they now have one of Sherry's tiny goldendoodles.  Themba gets along well with our cats and other dogs, and enjoys sitting outside and watching the birds at the feeder. He is a very sweet dog!  If you would like to know more about Themba, please contact us at "


Meet Fletcher, he is owned by the Knipe family! Kit and Trey say " He is 16 months and weighs in at 70 lbs in this picture.  He is everything you said he would be and more.  My kids call from college not to say “hi mom” but more often to ask “how’s Fletcher”? He has stolen our hearts, even the heart of the master who often joked he would rather write a book titled “The One Hundred Joys of Dog Ownership” than actually own another dog.

Fletcher is a sweetheart and the best looking doodle around town. Our mailman actually comes to the door so he can visit Fletcher. Thank you for this dog and the wonderful experience of working with you.
If you would like to email Kit and Trey to find out more about Fletcher their email address is

Meet Dexter, he is owned be the Laplante family and is a mini english goldendoodle!
 Jeff says" He was fixed in February and had to wear a cone to keep him from pulling out his stitches.  He became quite attached to that cone and had a hard time giving it up.  He realized that he could flick the snow up with it and chase it.  With all the extra snow in the cone it was an added bonus because he could have a drink too!   When we went to throw the cone out you could tell that he still wanted it.  He stuck his neck out for us to put it back on him and when we did he went tearing around the house, he was so excited, he would flick his toys in the air and carry on like a maniac.
He certainly is a great companion and we are enjoying him a lot.  He has a very sweet tempermant and loves to play ball or he's happy just flinging his "babies" around.  He knows that when his leash comes out that he's going for a walk.  He also loves to pick the girls up from school.  As soon as we get close to the school he starts to cry because he can't wait to see all the kids.  He enjoys the kids crowding around him.  He kisses them all and loves for them to pet him but never jumps on them which really impresses me.  However, as soon as he sees my girls coming towards him he goes nuts and tugs at his leash until he greets them.....or I should say, until he licks them to death and gives them big hugs. 
We took him to a leash free dog park that we have in the city.  He met a lot of new friends!    He and two other pups enjoyed rolling around with each other in the snow, having the occasional game of chase and playing together.  That is a major treat for him to go there!  We met another doodle there that came from you.  Small world.
We get lots of compliments on him.  We can't walk very far without someone asking what kind of dog he is.  We have lots of people who have volunteered to watch him if we ever need a babysitter.  It helps too that he doesn't shed.  The only time I find hair is after I brush him and the hair is usually on me!
Thanks again Sherry for matching us with Dexter!  He's perfect for us."
If you would like to email Jeff to find out more about Dexter his email address is

Meet Emily. She is a tiny goldendoodle out of Charlie and Star's litter! She is owned by Linda and Reg Evans. Linda says "I want to bring you up to date on our sweet Emily.  What a wonderful little sweetheart she is!  Reg and I love her so much!!  We've always had a dog and always felt very close to them, but neither of us has the experience of having such fun with a puppy as we have with Emily!
She has a very friendly and outgoing personality.  We take to an off leash acerage almost every day and thrill at her running like the wind with every dog and play, play, play.  There isn't a dog who is faster than her!  It's crazy how fast she can run.  Dogs by the dozens are there; we walk for half an hour and Emily runs and socializes.  She stays close and comes dashing to us when we call her!!
She cuddles, and is very calm and still when we are quiet together.  What a joy!  We both love it.  Reg has never had a dog sit beside him on the couch as he reads, and he really enjoys it.  She's warm and her coat is still vey soft.
And beautiful!!!!!  EVERYBODY comments on her gorgeous colour, ALL THE TIME!  She's the envy of everybody.  Honestly, people rave about her colour and all say, What a perfect size'.  She's bigger than I had anticipated, Sherry - not the little thing to pick up under my arm like I thought she'd be, but I'm in agreement with everybody.  She is the perfect size.  I had wanted her smaller, but I don't now.  She's small enough to be a lap dog, but we're not tripping over her!  She's probably 23 pounds, quite tall and long.
Sherry, I met Wonka at the acerage.  Wonka is an offspring of Star, as is Emily.  He was born about 2 weeks after Emily.  When I met him and the woman (Rena somebody), I was soo excited!  We've met other goldendoodles at the same place who came from your kennel.  Charlie and Yanky (or something like that).  All are very cute and their owners love them, but, again, everybody thinks Emily is the best size!! - i.e. smaller than most doodles.  So keep up the tiny breeding.  I recommend you highly, Sherry.  You were so very helpful and responsive to me in the early days when I had so many questions.
We're in our third session of training.  Lots of repeat, really.  I'm not aspiring to anything with her, but I like having contact with experienced trainers so I can ask questions.
Again, Sherry, thanks for a beautiful puppy.
If you would like to email the Evans to find out more about Emily there email address is

Esme is owned by Patricia Stark. Patricia say's "Esme and I are all settled here and we are learning our way around.  Sherry she is gorgeous in every way.  She is well-behaved, well-housebroken, and well-natured.  Oh and of course she is BEAUTIFUL.  She steals everyone’s heart and has mine completely.  I have managed to remain good at keeping the appropriate relationship with her to have her well-behaved and responsive somehow and I am ever-so grateful for that.
She remains true to her nature and is never aggressive with others of any kind but she has learned to bark as a result of being with other dogs so she sounds like a heckuva good watchdog even though I have my doubts.  Thank goodness we haven’t had to put that to the test! 
She is so very expressive that I marvel at her regularly.  She is growing less and less puppy-like all the time now that she is spayed and her puppy looks are, of course, disappearing.  The great news is they are being replaced with the most beautiful, caring and inquisitive looks you can imagine. 
She rides in the car beautifully, she walks through our Farmer’s Market with ease and comfort, she freely expresses her displeasure (sometimes more than I want to hear – she is a great little fusser), and joyously expresses her excitement and happiness. 
She remains a terrific thief.  She loves to take things that she thinks you like.  She never destroys anything, but she will nab something off of a countertop and take it 20 paces before deciding she was victorious – then she’s done with it and proven how clever she is.  One has to realize that this whole ordeal is quite tricky for a dog as small as she is.  So needless to say, I am sure she is a champion Tiny Goldendoodle Jumper!
Thanks to Luna and Maggie she remains addicted to ice from the refrigerator door.  She will fuss at you if you get ice without getting her some.  Fussing for Esme is the equivalent of your Mother telling you …. Now what did you think you were doing?????  I have never known a dog that could actually convey a  tsk…tsk …. But my Esme can.  Too cute!
She is a whopping 13 ½ pounds so she isn’t going to get a whole lot larger at this point.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the great lengths you go to in your breeding process and in your puppy selection process.  She is everything I wanted and nothing that I didn’t want.  That seems so impossible but it is true.  The temperament testing that you do is so crucial and I encourage all your prospective owners to give that whole process as much care and contemplation as they can.  I am so appreciative of your skills and experience in this area.  As you know, I wanted a dog that wouldn’t be aggressive but I also wanted a dog that would be gregarious with those people and animals that it knew.  Not an easy combination but you matched us up perfectly." If you would like to email Patricia to ask her about Esme her email address is 

Meet Rufus he is a mini bernedoodle and is owned by the Goodyear family.  Jill says "Just letting you know that Rufus is settling in great. He is a very popular boy! He's growing quickly and graduated from puppy class this week. He is full of energy and curiosity but thankfully a quick learner.He loves to dig and poke his nose in the snow. We all love him. " If you would like to email Chris and Jill to find out more about Rufus there email address is

Meet Digby he is owned by the Steinberg family! He is a English goldendoodle out of Andrex and Rex! Marianne says  "He is the greatest dog on the planet. Everyone on the Upper West Side LOVES him and most know him by name. He is SO respectful, enthusiastic, playful, funny and energetic. He takes off when he sees a dog (he can be off the leash in the park before 9 in the morning) tail wagging 1000 miles an hour. But when he gets near the dogs he stops, wags, then goes to the owner and wags, and then starts to play with the dogs. Total strangers stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful he is, and ooh and aah over him. He just makes everyone he meets smile. He is the JOY of our lives." If you would like to email Marianne to find out more about Digby her email address is

Meet Koda and Cooper they are owned by the Thompson family's! Koda is an english goldendoodle owned by Shannon and Cooper is a mini english goldendoodle owned by Shannon's parents (he is also from my kennels) Shannon  says" Koda was born on March 12th from Monty and Allie’s litter. My fiancé and I both come from families that have always had dogs, so it was only a matter of time when we moved in together before we started looking at breeds to start our own family. We have always loved retrievers, but didn’t want the shedding, which is how we came across the English Goldendoodle. Koda is the sweetest dog that we have ever met. He is about 65 lbs now and growing everyday. He is the perfect fit for our lifestyle. He loves to play when we play but also loves to relax when we relax. We cannot take him out for a walk without someone stopping us on the street to ask about him. He is famous in our neighbourhood, and he knows it. We live a very active lifestyle and Koda loves participating in everything that he possibly can. He is so well tempered and loves people and other dogs so much and as such, we are able to take him with us everywhere we go. Whether we are going up to the cottage for the weekend, or over to a friend’s house for dinner, Koda is able to adapt to whatever environment he is in. He is just happy to be around people and to play with other dogs. I can honestly say that I will be getting English Goldendoodles for the rest of my life. 
We came across Sherry’s website one night and were so impressed with the amount of information that she provides. She was responsive and helpful with all of our questions about the breed and was really interactive in choosing the perfect puppy for our lifestyle. I recommend Sherry to everyone that asks about Koda. The whole experience was positive, up to the day that we went to go pick up our new puppy. She spent over an hour with us showing us puppy training tricks and going over any questions that we had. You could feel the love that Sherry has for these puppies and you just know that they are extremely well taken care of before they go to their new homes. 
My parents also loved the breed so much, that they got Cooper (a Mini-English Goldendoodle) from Sherry as well. Cooper is three weeks younger than Koda and they are best friends. Whenever we go to visit, Koda and Cooper play together from the minute that we arrive, to the minute we leave. My parents have two other dogs as well and Cooper bonded with the other dogs instantly. I have attached pictures of Koda and Cooper together playing in the snow for the first time. These dogs absolutely love the snow and could play in it for hours! Enjoy the pictures and feel free to email me with any questions that you have about our experience with Swiss Ridge, or about the breed in general! My email:
Thanks Sherry!!!!


Ruby is owned by the Green family! Shelli says "I just wanted to send you a couple of photos of Ruby. She is now a 
southern girl living in Nashville, TN. She has been the most 
wonderful addition to our family. She loves to chase butterflies, 
play in the yard, play with our children, and guard our front door! 
She loves to stay on the front porch and watch people walk through our 
neighborhood. Everywhere she goes she gets lots of attention and 
compliments. She loves to be with us everywhere we go. She was very 
easy to train and is very, very smart. She also does not like to be 
told "no". If we tell her "no", she will stop the behavior but she 
will start barking at us to let us know that she is not happy. She 
adores our son and we cannot wait until she is old enough to sleep 
with him at night. Thank you so much for matching her with our 
family. She is a very good match and we love her.
 If you would like to email Shelli to find out more about Ruby her email address is

Meet Josie! Josie is owned by Janet from Montana. She is a mini f1b goldendoodle out of Lazeeza and Eddie! She has a fabulous personality.  She is such a sweet girl that Janet drove all the way down from Montana to get a 2nd mini goldendoodle from me! Janet says "Josie is hands down the best dog I have ever had. And I have had a lot.  She is smart and makes me roar with laughter at her antics. She trains easily and is willing to try anything I ask of her. You can see her mind working as she makes up games to play. She loves everyone and will make a great therapy dog one day soon."
You can email Janet at or at
Janet loved josie so much that she purchased Brie. Brie is a mini goldendoodle out of Princess and Eddies litter.

Meet Oliver. He is owned by the Stokoe family! Susan says "We brought Oliver to our home in May 2008 and since that time he has become our best friend and loyal companion.  Sherry you were right when you said that he would always want to be with us.  He is so inquisitive and always eager to be at our side no matter what we are doing.  He is a wonderful traveler who really loves going for rides in the car.  I think the thing I love best about Oliver is his temperament.  He just loves meeting people and other animals and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body.  He always seems to be such a happy little dog....who hardly ever barks.  I must tell you that I believe Winter is his favorite time of year.....We just can't get him to come in from the snow.  We call him our little polar bear.  We have a really large backyard and Oliver shows the true retriever side of his breeding....He can retrieve anything and especially loves to catch a well thrown frisbee................Oliver is a Superstar!
Oliver is just the perfect size for us weighing in at 36lbs.  We are often stopped during walks or when we go to the leash free parks by people who wonder what breed he is.  When we say he is a Golden Doodle many are surprised at his size but comment on how perfect it is.  Everyone falls in love with him as soon as they meet him.  Thank you so much for choosing this little dog for us...........we couldn't imagine life without him.
If you would like to email Susan to find out more about Oliver her email address is

Meet Fenway. He is a mini f1b goldendoodle owned by the Sambito family! Jennifer says "He is everything I hoped for – so loving, playful and vibrant!  His puppy energy is hilarious!  He loves to challenge you a bit, but then loves to just snuggle with you as if he were a fuzzy person!  We are so pleased with him as a family!  He has had interaction with neighborhood dogs and absolutely loves people!!!  Thank you for this precious gift! If you would like to email Jennifer to find out more about Fenway her email address is


Maggie is a mini goldendoodle out of Ginger and Eddie. She is owned by the Corcoran family. Jennifer says "I just wanted to let you know Maggie has been such a joy and a wonderful addition to our family.   We picked her up Sept. 8th, 2007 and she has been part of The Corcoran family ever since!  She was born in July 2007 by Ginger and Eddie.   She is smart, sassy, lovable and so darn cute!   Thank you for giving us exactly the dog we dreamed of." If you would like to email Jennifer to find out more about Maggie her email address is


Meet Stella she is a standard goldendoodle owned by the Pinkey family. 
Elissa says" Stella is doing very well in her 'classes' and is great for the groomers.  I brush her every day so there are never any mats for them to deal with, they love her.  
We love her size and she couldn't be more perfect for us.  She's clever and goofy and just a big bundle of love.   I am attaching a recent picture of her so you can see what a pretty girl she has turned out to be.  She is the 'darling' where ever she goes and is quite the little flirt in her training classes. Thanks for doing what you do so well. :-)" If you would like to email Elissa for more info on Stella her email address is


Meet Charlie. He is a mini goldendoodle owned by the Chown family. Judy says "I can't believe that one year has gone by already and Charlie is full grown.  He's a big boy, weighing in at approximately 45-50 lbs.  He is so sweet and loveable and we all just adore him so much that we in the talking stage now to get another Mini Goldendoodle.  You absolutely picked the perfect dog for us which is quite amazing.  We get so many compliments when at Bruce Pit and have been asked a million times where did you get him, which your name comes up quite often.
The Doodle Romps are also so much fun at Bruce Pit and we have met so many doodle owners.
I sent a few pictures, the one in the sink was his favorite thing to do after either getting all dirty or snowy, I'd just put him in there and he would play for hours as long I stood by the sink he'd entertain himself in that little puddle of water, unfortunately, he does not fit anymore.  The second picture is his absolutely favorite place in the world, Bruce Pit and playing with sticks.   
The funny thing was is that we had the deposit for a girl in February, 2008 and you contacted us just before Christmas 2007 and said there was a boy available and would we like him, with no hesitation we said yes and the rest is history, it's the best thing that ever happened.
I just wanted you to know how happy we are with Charlie and what a fit he was for our home. " If you would like to email Judy to find more out about Charlie her email address is


Zoey is a English goldendoodle owned by Mike and Eileen Moore. Eilenne says "Sherry, we wanted to share some pictures of our 1 year old golden doodle, Zoey (parents: Allie and Monty).  She has brought nothing but joy to our family and she has become best friends with our 19 month old granddaughter.  Zoey has really calmed down around the baby so they can play and is very gentle with her.  We have taken Zoey to a "Doodle-Romp" near our home in Huntington Beach, California and she really loved playing with the other goldendoodles.  Everyone wants to know where we got her because she is so perfect.  Sherry, we want to thank you for guiding us into getting this wonderful new member of our family!"
You can email Eileen at to get more info on Zoey.


 Lola is a tiny goldendoodle owned by Denise Trans. Denise says  "You have such a great doodle gallery and I am such a satisfied and happy mom that I wanted to post my pics of Lola and tell you how she's doing. If you get a slew of inquiries from NYC then I am partly responsible!!
I think I've given out your info to at least 20 people.  But, I've been asked nearly daily when I am out with Lola about her  breed and breeder that I couldnt keep the info to myself. She is really the sweetest, smartest, and most lovable dog I've ever had. She was potty trained in 3 days, she knows about 8 different tricks now!!  
She learns so quickly that it's been very  fun teaching her things.  
 She's currently 14 lbs and healthy.  What is most sweet about Lola is she LOVES LOVES to cuddle.  Absolutely her favorite thing to do.  She will cuddle you any chance she gets as often as you let her.
 I think you did a great jobexplaining their temperament.  I picked the mellow puppy of the two options you 
gave me and I'm very happy I did.  
 I've had so many compliments on how cute and (with her 4 white paws and white tip on her tail) how 
well behaved she is. She has changed our lives completely since entering it and we thank you for being 
a huge part of that process."
You can email Denise at if you have further questions about Lola

 Kirby is a mini english goldendoodle owned by Teri Fahlgren. She is out of Andrex and Eddie. Teri says" Here are several pictures for you to choose from if you would like to put one on your website.This is Kirby who was born from Andrex and Eddie on October 19th. We are extremely happy that we purchased our puppy through you and have been through one puppy kindergarden class and will be starting one more next week. Thank you again.
If you would like to email Teri to find our more about Kirby please email her at
 Shiraz is owned by the Richner family from Switzerland. Barbara and Patrick say "Our Shiraz grow up very quickly and we are very happy with her. She is a very gently and lovefull dog and so kind with us and our children. We are going to the puppie playgroup and Shiraz likes this very much to play with other puppies. Shiraz likes to play with everybody. The reactions of other people to Shiraz are unbelievable. The veterinary and the playgroup teachers
praise her character and also the breed from Shiraz. Thank you Sherry for this wonderfull dog. She was shipped from Toronto to Swizterland and came out of this little case and start immediately to play with us, eat and drunk something and came with us in the car as she knew us already a long time. We got from Sherry all paperworks, so that the customs clearance and veterinary inspection at the airport went without any problems.
If you would like to email the Richner family to find out more about Shiraz you can email them at
Ruby at 1 year

Ruby at 10 weeks

Meet Abby. She is a mini goldendoodle and is owned by Chris and Clara. Chris says "Abby is doing very well.  She has added a huge amount to our lives.  It is amazing what a personality she has and how it has devloped over the months. 
Abby has gotten us into a very good routine.  At 6:30 a.m. (she does not care that the clocks went back), she wakes me up and I take her out for her morning walk and business.  Some mornings it is pretty difficult getting out of bed but one look at that pretty face as well as being greeted by such joy at seeing me quickly dispels the tiredness.  When we come back, I get out Abby's breakfast.  It is comical to see her reactions each day as I pretend to be eating her food before I put it down for her (I have to maintain my status as pack leader so I eat first).  She cocks her head from side to side as if to say "If you want it, you can have it because it is not that great!"  After a minute or so, she will bark at me to remind me that she is hungry and that I should not eat all the food.  A minute or so later, I put her bowl down and sit down beside it.  This translates into much jumping and happiness as well as a few wet licks on my face.  She willthen compose herself in my lap and requires that I take a handful of food out of the bowl so that she can eat it from my hand. 
After the first handful, Abby will go and find her ball.  Breakfast then becomes a game.  She brings me the ball and drops it in my lap.  She wil lthen eat what is in my hand and as she is done, she expects me to throw th ball so she can chase it and then bring it back for another handful of food.  This routine is repeated for lunch and diner. 

Abby is a very smart little girl as well as being extremely curious and very persistent (at times even too persistent).  She was housetrained within hours of arriving at our home.  The only accidents that she's had is when we were not paying attention.  In the first two weeks, she learned the word sit and the hand motion that we use to mean sit.  From there, Abby learned to shake a paw with either paw as well as down and wait for her treat (as long as it is not too long or somehting does nto distract her).  Her newest is High Five where she puts her paw up to meet mine.  we are now working on 'sitting up' for her treat.  I have to tell you though that walking beside us is still almost non-existent. She is so exuberant about going places and loves to meet new people. 

We have now reached Abby's 5 month birthday.  It is amazing how much she has grown.  Neither Clara or I could imagine our home without Abby. She is definitely a retriever as she loves to have us throw her toys and she will bring them back.  We can tell her to get her ball and she goes running to her toy basket to find it. 
I am also amazed how sound oriented Abby is.  You can see that she knows exactly what makes certain sounds.  From the sound of her dog food bag opening to the car door closing to the tap in our bathroom running (that means that someone is coming down to let her out) to (seriously) the sound each of her toys makes, she is truly quite amazing.  She really does know the different squeaks of each of her toys and comes running for her favourites.  We have also noticed that she has started to put her toys away in her toy box before she gets out another one (well, at least sometimes). 
 She is truly a joy in our lives and I hope that you can tell that we adore her and that she is very well cared for.  The kitchen floor has become our usual place to sit when we are home." If you'd like to contact Chris his email address is

One of her behaviours that is so much fun to watch is how Abby learns things.  She has taken to carrying her favourite rubber bone around in her mouth.  She will then come across her ball and want to take that to her mat.  She will drop the bone and pick up the ball but then, she will also want to take the bone as well so she will drop the ball and pick up the bone but then she realizes that she cannot take the ball so she drops the bone and picks up the ball and so on . . .  She has now figured out that if she has the bone in her mouth, she can push the ball with her paws or the bone and steer it where she wants to go.  She has actually started to get quite good at soccer.  The funniest thing for a long time was that she could only make the ball go forward.  When it would hit a wall, she would make it go sideways but once she got into a corner, she was stuck.  She would then bark for assistance and one of us would have to come and move the ball out into the open again.  You should have seen the the day that Abby figured out that if she put her paw on top of the ball, she could pull it back out of the corner and go on playing.  She started barking and barking for us to come closer and then, she proudly demonstrated her new talent over and over again to cheers and applause from both of us (as well as a few treats). 
Abby at 4 month. 
Abby at 7 month. She is about 20lbs!
This is Henry he is the first mini goldendoodle to be added to my reference section!!!! In this picture he is 4 months old and weighs 17lbs. My guess is he'll be 35lbs as an adult. Henry is owned by Tom and Patricia. Tom says " Henry is a wonderful addition to our family! He has a great disposition, plenty of energy, intelligent, inquisitive and very athletic. His house training took no time at all. He loves to play with his toys and is now running with me to the beach and back. He is a great dog and we are extremely pleased with him. It is clear that the breeding is excellent and we commend you on the quality of dogs that come out of your breeding program"
If you would like to email Tom or Pat to find out what there experience has been with Henry and me as a breeder their email address is
Meet Ruby! She is an f1 mini goldendoodle. Her parents are Eddie and Molly. She is owned by Cathy River! Cathy says "Ruby is wonderful and growing well. She is doing very well in her puppy classes, I would have to say she is one of the best if not the best student. She is very smart and a real quick learner. You did a fabulous job of matching her up with us. I can't get over it. She is perfect for our family. I love the way she loves to cuddle and always wants to be near us. She is very affectionate. I guess you can tell I adore her, well I am not the only one the whole family does. The only problem I have is I think she may be a little too attached to me at times because she will cry for me when I leave the room and go up stairs . She is such a doll!"
If you would like to email Cathy to find out more about Ruby her email address is

Hi, my name is Charlie - my Mom (Amy) & my Dad (Ryan) are so in love with me! They tell me all of the time what a good baby girl I am & how proud they are of me. I am only 4mths old & I can sit on command, retrieve my stuffed Toad & ball & of course find my bone when asked to. I know what 'down', 'no barking' & 'no biting' means, but I'm a lot like my Dad when it comes to being told what to do.....I don't like it very much! And therefore, I don't always do these things the first time that I am told. But, I'm working on it! Dad say's that I'm a lot like my Mom when it comes to being the boss - we often struggle to see who will prevail, but in the end it's always Mom even when I try my hardest to win (wink wink).  My parents take me on big walks in the trails behind our house & I love it - I run & smell everything I can! And, I don't even half to be on my leash when we're out there because I don't like Mom & Dad to get too far away from me so I stay close by them. I've also discovered water - boy oh boy do I ever love the water - and soon I'm going to get out on the Waverunner with my lifejacket! I'm growing up so fast I'm 4mths & weigh 18lbs already! In the picture you see here I'm doing one of my favourite things.........playing in the laundry! But, aren't I cute? Mom & Dad said that I'm the best thing that's happened to them & that they love me more than they ever imagined! In fact, they're not sure what they'd do without me:)! 

If you would like to email Amy to find out more about Charlie her email address is
Meet Odie. He is a tiny goldendoodle owned by Jeremy Mazzenga. He is from Charlie and Star's litter. Jeremy says "I'm just writing you to fill you in on my pup, Odie. He is doing AMAZING! I never knew I could love and enjoy a puppy so much. We are thrilled with each other and can't spend enough time together. When I take him for walk EVERYONE stops to ask me questions about him and swoon over how cute he is. He likes to stand up on his two legs and give me kisses and lay in my lap while I sit and read or watch TV. What a great dog I got from you. Enclosed are some photos of Odie. He just got fixed and is doing swell. He isn't even 20 lbs yet. Thanks so much for such a remarkable doggie!!! Best,  Jeremy
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Meet Muphy, he is a BERNADOODLE and is owned by the Wakeman family in Mississauga. Pat debated for a long time between a bernadoodle and a goldendoodle. She finally took a giant leap of faith and went with a bernadoodle. She couldn't be happier. Murphy is 8 months old in these pictures and wieghs just over 50lbs. He is very gentle and calm with everyone. Pat was telling me how she had some elderly visitors that where in their 80's and Murphy was great with them and just laid by their feet. He is truly amazing for an 8 months old pup. I took these pictures when Pat brought him back here to visit me and it was amazing to see how well behaved and calm he was. He is truly an amazing dog and a great mix between the the 2 breeds. Pat states " Murphy is the most sweet tempered loveable, calm and adaptable puppy. He loves everyone and everything including our 2 cats. He loves to kiss and cuddle. He has not shed and we've had no allergy issues with him. Murphy loves to go tubing at the cottage. He wears a life jacket and away he goes. He is truly a people dog! He's happy whenever he's around kids, other dogs and everyone! He was so easy to train and he was #1 in his puppy class. We truly adore him. Murphy is our great big fuzzy bear and we are so glad we decided to choose a Bernadoodle. He is truly awesome!"
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Stella at 7 months.


Stella at 22 months.


Stella at 22 months.


Stella at 22 months.


 Meet Sunny. He is a medium sized f1b goldendoodle out of Charlie and Dewy. He was born Fen 13th 2012. He is owned by the Ramirez family. Sadys says" These are the latest pictures of Sunny.  It has been a lot of fun with Sunny this summer he’s everything we wanted and more, the kids love him so much that the poor dog has no time to rest. We are so happy that you chose him to be the best fit for our family." If you would like to contact Sadys to find out more about Sunny her email address is

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Meet Jango. He is a tiny goldendoodle born April 3rd 2012. He is out of Georgie and Stings litter. He is about 10 weeks in the picture above and around 6 months in the picture on the side. He is owned by the Ritenour family. Spencer says " Jango has been doing fabulously well. Katie and I have been so unbelievably happy with him, and it's hard to remember what we did before we got him. He has been the sweetest dog that I've ever known. 

Right now he is almost 6 months old and weighs 12.5 pounds. Once he got his full vaccinations, it took about a day or two to completely potty train him. Leash training has been incredibly easy - he almost always walks at our heel and rarely pulls. So far he's learned sit, stay, come, down, off, and roll over. On 9/13 we had him neutered. His disposition didn't change one bit, and he's still incredibly playful and happy. He has to wear the cone of shame for a few more days, but he seems to have completely forgotten that he has it on.

We've set up a crate, bed, and a wide array of toys for him at both the office and at home. He absolutely loves going to work with me. There's a constant stream of new people for him to lick, and he loves to run and slide across the slippery marble hallways. People stop us all the time on our walks to pet and coo over him. People on the train even come talk to us (major social faux pas in NY) about him. He's developing quite a fan club around the neighborhood and office building. Most New York dog people have heard of goldendoodles, but they've never heard of a tiny one. Many strangers even take pictures of him to show their loved ones because the size and breed is perfect for apartment life here. I'm telling all of them about your website and how wonderful it was to work with you."
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Meet Bernie, he is a mini bernedoodle. He was born July 25thh 2011 and is out of Abbie and Sting. Kia in the "my females" section is his sister. He is owned by the Fairman family. Richard says" Cannot thank you enough for taking the time to match the pup to the family. You did a great job and we couldn't be happier. Still some work to do but he is definitely an intrigal part of the family. If you ever want a testimonial what ever we would be more than happy to provide one.
 It was funny the other day a young pup Bernies size came over to greet Bernie. With Bernie's new cut and shorter coat I thought I was looking in the mirror or at a clone. The other pup was a portugueese(sp) water dog. The were identical right down to the white bibs. quite amazing.
ps I wish I had figured out what a chick magnet a cute pup could be. We cannot take him anywhere without being stopped by complete strangers who want to pat and admire him."
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Hi my name is Lego!
I’m a one year old tiny golden doodle from Swissridge Kennels.
My owner, Evan received me for his 8th birthday.
Evan loves me more than anything in the world!  We are best friends!!
I go everywhere with Evan, including a daily ride each morning to drop him at 
I went to all his soccer games!  I even went out for Halloween!!  We were a combo!!!
I love my new family!  
My new Mom and Dad, (Evan’s parents), say I’m a smart little guy that has fit perfectly into their family!
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