My Female Poodles

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This is Channel. She is an amazing red and white standard poodle. She is not only beautiful but has the most outstanding personality. She LOVES everyone and is always wagging her tail. I can walk her in town off leash and she doesn't leave my side. She is very bonded to me. She loves other people as well and if I give her the OK she will lick you to death!!!! She is amazing with other dogs and is very social. If there is a dog that is unsure or scared of other dogs she will go up to them in a submissive manner and within 5 mins she can bring a shy dog out of its shell and get the shy dog to play with her! She has a great sense when it comes to knowing how other dogs are feeling and knowing how I'm feeling. She always amazing me how in tune to everything she is. She brings a smile to my face every day! She is such a fun loving, social dog that just loves to be loved!!!! If her pups have even an ounce of her personality you will have the most outstanding dog ever!!!!

Height: 22"
Weight: 55lbs
Coco is Valentino's sister. She is a stunning poodle.
I'm so happy with Coco. She is everything I look for in a poodle and more. She is calm but still playful, loving and affectionate. She loves to play with other dogs but really enjoy's hanging out with people and she loves going hiking and swimming. Coco not only has a phenomenal personality she has the looks and is fully health cleared as well. She is the total package.
Coco knows she has it all. She prances around like she is Queen of the kennel and all the boys love her.
She is confident and has such a great charisma about her.
She is going to produce some magnificent puppies.

Height: 20"
Weight: 53lbs
Paris is a stunning chocolate and white standard poodle.
She has quite the character. She is fun/playful and is defiantly the life of the party. She loves all dogs wether it's a 5lb mini poodle or 180lb corso, she wants to play with them all.
She is also very gentle. She loves kids, is very gentle around them and has such a sweet gentle nature about her in general. She would be fine laying by my feet all day while I'm answering emails but she is just as happy playing outside all day with the other dogs. She has a very adaptable personality which is what we love to see in our breeding dogs and pups.
She is the perfect all around dog in terms of personality and look! She is very nicely built from head to tail. My groomer and vet always comment on how beautiful she is.
Height: 25"
Weight: 68lbs