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11 month old goldendoodle
blonde and golden goldendoodles
This is Tuuli (blonde) and Kaino (golden). They are labradoodles out of Megan and Dawson. Juniper (seen below) is their sister. They live in Sudbury, ON. Kaino was the runt of the litter but now he is out growing his sister by about 10 lbs!
canines with a cause goldendoodle
canines with a cause, goldendoodle, dontated by swissridge kennels
This is Beau. I donated her to Canines with a Cause. She will be trained and used as a seizure response and mobility assistance dog. Please click on the tab below to see Beau's progress.
goldendoodle at 9 weeks with a straight coat
Meet Edgr. He is owned by Matt and Monique Smith.  They describe him as "absolutely wonderful, an amazing addition to our family"! He is 11 month old in this picture. You can see more photo's of him at
6 month old goldendoodle
This is Stewie. He lives with Deanna in Toronto. Stewie is a labadoodle out of Megan and Dawson. He has a striaghter coat and will shed. If you have allergies or want a non-sheeding dog I would recommend getting a dog like Kaino (seen in the picture above). He is also a labradoodle out of Megan and Dawson but has a curlier coat and doesn't shed. We can tell what type of coat they will have at 6 weeks of age. This is when we decide which puppy would be best for your family.
Stewie at 9 weeks
Stewie at 6 months
This is Maple. She is a labradoodle out of Megan and Dawson. Stewie (seen above) is her brother!
goldendoodle with a bone
mini goldendoodle
picture of a goldendoodle
This is Tivo (mini goldendoodle) and Teddy (a tiny goldendoodle from Brimley and Rocky's litter. The Treisman family loved Tivo so much that they decided to get a tiny goldendoodle from me this time around. Tivo and Teddy are best Buddy's!
When the Treisman family got Tivo they had this to say about him " We all LOVE Tivo. He is adorable, affectionate, rambunctious and charming. He loves to play and can be a rascal at times yet he is totally sweet and cuddly. He seems to be doing well with his training.  Our daughters are crazy about him and he is quite good with both of them. He's also made a good impression on friends and neighbors"

Meet Takoda, she is owned by the Miller family. Tammy say's "Takoda is the most amazing dog.......I didn't think I could love a dog the way I love my children but I was wrong....she is so sweet and the smartest dog I've ever met. I taught her to ring the bell to go out since she wasn't whining or barking and it took me about an hour and a half. I thought it would take me a few weeks but in less then 2 hours she caught on and I've never had to remind her or show her again. I tell everyone I meet about you and the fact that you manage to breed prefect family dogs. Takoda is just as much a member of our family as each person. She lays with me every night on the coach or actually she lays on me since she thinks she is one of the kids. Takoda and my son Logan are extrememly close and go crazy when they can't be in the same room (if she's muddy). I know I have said it before but really from the bottom of my heart .........thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. People always complain about having puppies and all the work but Takoda hasn't been that bad at all and actually we often forget that she is still a puppy since she is so good... we are still working on a few things like jumping and digging up clumps of grass that she loves throwing
around but she is still a puppy. She has never chewed anything in the house except her toys....she has never growled or shown her teeth at anyone or anything. The groomer, the vet and the girls in the vet office have fallen in love with her. The vet always says she is the most beautiful, well tempered, smart doodle he has met. I believe without a doubt or moment of hesitation that you are the best doodle breeder in Ontario....we have met other family's with doodles and even though they are beautiful in their own way none compare to Takoda for her coat, temperament and intelligence!
picture of a black goldendoodle
black goldendoodle
This is Deezle. Vanessa says "Deezle, our big furball, is by far the fuzziest, sociable and friendliest pet we've ever had in our family. His goofy attitude never ceases to  amaze us. From his morning cuddly mood to his late afternoon playful tease, he always manages to get our attention. You can't help to hug and squeeze him all day long!"
mini goldendoodle
Meet Dash, he is a MINI goldendoodle and is one of Chablis and Elvis's pups. He lives in Quebec with Martina and her family!
Martina says "I want to say thank you so much for the amazing dog you choose for us. He simply is one of a kind! I cannot go to the park of any of my kids soccer games without being stopped the whole time. He is friendly, gentle and so loving. We have been dealing with a trainer who says Dash should be the poster dog for the training school. He is extremely intelligent and a quick learner and so handsome to boot! He is absolutley non shedding! again just perfect for us. Thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family."
Meet Bailey. She is owned by Gerry and Elaine Smith. Gerry Say's "First off, Bailey is everything and more than we had hoped for. She has an amazing disposition (she can get snarly, but that hardly lasts more than a few minutes when she doesn’t get her own way), she’s smart as a whip (too smart for her own good on occasion), and she has energy to burn. She was very quick to house train, and has only had a few minor accidents in the early going. She does not like her kennel, because she is so sociable and wants to be around us all the time. We are persevering, but it is hard at times – we know in the long run it will all turn out for the best, but when she looks up at you with those dark black eyes, your heart melts.
My wife, who was reluctant to bring a dog into the house, is in love head over heels with her. Her mother, who never had dogs for their family growing up, thinks she has a new granddaughter, and can’t stop talking about her to other friends. The folks at my office all want one, and are always asking about her. I have 3 neighbours who have tried to smuggle her away – and I learned all this in the first 2 weeks after we brought her home.
She has all had all her shots and smiled through them all – she starts obedience school next week, but she already knows Sit, Down, Stay, and while she ignores Leave it and No, we know she understands them all – she’s just a little mischevious and can’t resist a little rebellion from time to time. Her favorite activity right now is chasing (and catching) blowing leaves – she can’t have more fun than when we take her for a walk!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for making a dream of mine come true – Elaine tells me every day how happy I look when I come home or when I’m playing with her, or when’s she’s just sitting at my feet (Bailey that is, not my wife). It’s been a blast, and she has only been a family member for 3 months – I can’t imagine how we will feel at 6 months and longer."
Yours truly,
Gerry & Elaine
Mississauga, Ontario

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Mulligan is owned by the Carter family in NWT! They also own one of my bernedoodles. Karla says "Mulligan loves the boat! And as I said before, he adores all animals. He babysits the guinea pigs for the boys (and he is good at it!) Plus he is best friends with our cat!"
Meet Madison. She is out of Goldie and Dawson. Her new mommy and daddy are Sarah and Mark.  Mark and Sarah say "She has been amazing! We are sooooo in love with her. She seems to be potty trained, she goes to the door and barks when she wants to go. We can't believe how fast she is growing. We get stopped whenever we take her out, she is so cute."
Reference Page #3
Gryffin is owned by the D'Amico family. He is a standard bernedoodle. John says "We have been meaning to write you for some time now.  Below are several pictures of Gryffin.  The first is the picture that you had on your site when we picked him back in late 2007.  You sent him to us on a plane in January of 2008 along with another little guy who went to a gentleman in Boston.  We live in New Hampshire and Gryffin absolutely loves it here!!!!!  I remember his father (Sven) from your sight who was absolutely breathtaking!
Gryffin is now about a year and a half old and full of spunk and fun.  You use the word goofy on your website and that doesn’t begin to explain his nature.  He is the most lovable pet that I have ever been around.  He is very tall, probably 28-30” at the shoulders  and weighs in at about 70-75 lbs.His favorite thing to do is chase down balls and run in the woods.  We have some walking trails at the end of our street and he loves to run and swim in the stream that is there.  He loves the outdoors and spends countless hours in the yard just exploring and laying in the sun.  He is definitely a winter  dog and loves to play in the snow.When we filled in the profile about the kind of dog that we were looking for, I’ve got to tell you that Gryffin has the perfect temperament and personality for our family. 
  Everywhere we go, people want to know what kind of dog he is.  We take him to a local dog park and he has great time playing with a bernese mount dog. Thank you so much for bringing Gryffin into our home.  He is absolutely GREAT!"
If you would like to email John to get more info about Gryffin his email address is
Reference updated May 17th 2009

Mia is a mini english f1b goldendoodle out of Jada and Eddies litter! She is owned by the Muirhead family. Amy says " Sherry, thought we'd send some some recent pix of Mia.... She is so great!!  We just love her!  She's so smart and has a great disposition.  She got potty training down super quick, which we're thankful for... :)  And she's so good... she'll sit quietly at the back door and make one small little wimper sound... that's her signal that she needs to go to the bathroom.  Then she sits quietly and patiently until we take her out.  We have a dog that barks at her when she's in our backyard.... and she just sits there looking at the dog watching him... doesn't even bark back.  She's so great.  We are so happy we have her.  Thanks for all of your help in picking out the perfect dog for us. " If you would like to email Amy to ask her more questions about Mia her email address is
Reference updated Oct 2nd 2009

Meet Chase. He is a tiny goldendoodle owned by the Patty family. Pam says "Chase is from Georgie and Star 11/08 Male #3 - he is a darling little guy that keeps us amused everyday with his silly personality!  He finished his puppy kindergarten class and has learned how to sit, stay, lay down and come.  He is very friendly to every dog he meets; he is a little shy when he first meets new people, but soon warms up.  He loves the water....baths, sprinklers and a little kids pool - we are excited to take him boating this summer and have already purchased his life jacket.  This little guy is fast - he can out run any two or four legged friends when they are playing in the backyard.  He will be neutered in a few weeks and weighs 14 lbs.  We are having so much fun with this little guy and love him so much....THANK YOU!"  If you would like to email Pam to find out more about Chase her email address is
Reference updated May 29th 2009

Oli is a english goldendoodle owned by the Alain family. Angele says
"When we bought Oli from Swissridge Kennels in 2008, we bought more than a healthy, beautiful dog --we bought support for the entire lifetime of that dog.  Even the best bred dogs require lots of training and dog psychology understanding, and that's where Sherry is exceptional.  She is always available and eager to offer her experience and expertise, whenever we need it. Now Oli is quite the dog to start off with: stop-to-stare beautiful, healthy and hardy, smart and trainable, friendly to no end, portable and adaptable, mellow, and mostly very predictable.  Sherry picked him especially for us, a family with a 4 year old child and who works all day.  Oli hasn't been crated since he turned 1; he requires a normal amount of exercise; he doesn't wake us up in the morning; he knows well his commands; he can travel long distances in the car; he doesn't touch food unless permitted; he is great off leash; he has chewed very little (even as a puppy) and he is always happy. We have no regrets.

Oli's parents are Ali and Monty.  Since goldendoodles look different depending on how they are groomed, I attached a few photos. If you are in the Ottawa area and would like to meet Oli, or if you would like to know more, please contact us at "

black goldendoodle
This is Ajax. His parents were Goldie and Dawson. He is a standard goldendoodle. Beth says " I can't tell you how much we love our dog, Ajax - - he is bold, smart, very handsome and quite funny. He loves playing with humans especially if the game involves soccer, fooball or "just trying to get your sock back" (his personal favorite). Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog."
picture of goldendoodle
This is Carly! She is a standard goldendoodle.
black goldendoodle
This is Misha and his little sister Gizmo. They are owned by Alex. Misha is a standard goldendoodle.
Alex says "Misha is now 65lbs, we had a ball with him over the winter playing on the ice while we skated. Boy, did he get a shock when the ice melted on the river in April, he couldn't figure out where all the water came from!!! By the beginning of June he was swimming and now we can't go for a swim without him jumping in after us. He is a real pet of the pack with his sister Gizmo (Mini Schnauzer) and his niece Boo (Rottie). Again, not to sound so much like everyone else but thanks again for such a wonderful pup! He has the best temperament of any of the seven dogs I've owned over the years, and I love him dearly!"
black goldendoodles
Meet Chago and Lucho. They are siblings out of Mavis and Dawson. They are owned by Luis and Paula. The black goldendoodles look very similar to portugese water dogs.
Luis's sister also owns a goldendoodle from us his name is Rockie.
goldendoodle with a ball
This is Fitzgerald. He is quite the little sailor and is owned by the Downey's. Patti says that Fitz " Loves to go to the Marina and boat. He is a wonderful addition to our family. He is smart and minds very well. He loves people and children. We are thrilled with him and couldn't be happier. I hate to even call him a dog -he's a fuzzy person in our eyes! We thankyou from the bottom of our hearts."
goldendoodle in the garden
Meet Caleigh. Her parents are Clea and Dawson. She is a standard goldendoodle. She is now owned by the Ridley family. Carleen says " Things are going very well and we love  our little Caleigh. She is a sweetheart and is so good with our children. Thank you for helping us make such a wonderful addition to our family"
goldendoodle in the snow
Meet Fletcher. He is owned by the McKinney family. As you can see Fletcher looks more like a retriever. You can get some goldendoodles that look like a poodle (curly coat with a long nose), some that look like a retriever (straight coat, boxy head) and some with a wavy coat. We are able to tell what they will look at about 6 weeks of age.  If you have allergies it is better to get a dog with a wavy to curly coat (not straight). The doodles with straight coats will still shed less then a retriever. Please contact me to find out what coat type would be best for you.
Meet Brandy. She is a mini bernedoodle owned by Lily-Ann. She is out of Bailey and Eddie. Lily-Ann says this about Brandy "Brandy is such a sweetheart. She is such a friendly pup, who insists on saying hi to everyone she sees.
She is a ball of energy and full of character. She's finished puppy school and has learned a ton of tricks. She loves to learn new tricks because she knows she'll get loves of belly rubs and kisses. We are so proud of how much she's learned in such a short amount of time.
She loves going for walks, especially through the trail behind our house. She'll always find a stick on our walks and carries it proudly back home. At night, she'll lay by our feet as we watch TV.
Brandy will occasionally come with me to work. When we're at work, she's very obedient and will just sit by me and play with her toys.
We're so happy to have Brandy join our family!! "

If anyone has questions about Brandy, feel free to Cantact Lily-Ann at:
Reference added Jan 26th 2010
Mia at 1 year old

Mia at 1 year old

Mia at 3 months

Mia at 3 months

Tivo as a pup.
Tivo as a pup.
Tivo at 7 months.
Tivo as an adult and Teddy at 3 months!
Meet Walter, he is a mini f1b goldendoodle out of Jada and Eddies litter. He is owned by the Baum family. Jennifer say's "Walter is just AMAZING.
Not only was your temperament test right on, he is the sweetest, smartest most delicious dog I have ever come across. And while we may be biased, everyone in our building and neighborhood smiles when they see him.
Jada and Eddie make beautiful babies."
If you have more questions about Walter feel free to email Jennifer at
Reference added April 23rd 2010

Meet Elton. He is a mini english goldendoodle out of Atlantis and Eddies litter. He is owned by the Ridgway family. Jennifer says" I just wanted to let you know how well Elton is doing here in Dubai. He's been such a joy to have here and he's become quite the neighborhood celebrity and an important member of our family. He visits the park everyday to play with all the neighborhood kids and I can't get over how gentle and patient he is with everyone he meets. He knows he can wrestle like mad with Mike, but is instantly calm when a toddler wants to hug him. His lovely, kind personality is priceless in a place where a lot of people have never had contact with a dog before. He really is a perfect little ambassador. People have literally stopped their cars in traffic to meet him. He loves to play ball and recently started rollerblading with me. He loves the exercise and behaves very well. He's been easy to train has only had a few accidents when we've gotten him too wound up (our bad). His beautiful coat is so soft and doesn't shed a bit. I was almost sad to have it cut to help him with the heat." If anyone would like to email Jennifer to get more info on Elton you can email her at
Reference updated April 10th 2010

Meet Biggles. He is a standard goldendoodle out of Bubbles and Dewy and was born June 9th 2009. He is owned by the Taylor's family. Dave says "From the minute Biggles arrived, he charmed us all! Sherry chose a wonderful pup for us!
He’s an awesome successor to our Golden Frisbee. He lives for running, swimming and chasing balls or sticks or just plain hanging out with us.
Biggles is easily one of the best travelled Golden Doodles of Canada: from normally living in the forest in Bragg Creek, Alberta and occasionally Vancouver to now –temporarily- experiencing city life near Haarlem in the Netherlands… (today he went to Amsterdam by train and did a canal boat trip and he was cool with it all.)
He is smart, uses his paws as hands and listens very well: a simple ‘No’ stops him from going after deer, squirrels or even the odd bear near our home, or he just goes and gets whatever it is we are asking for!
Compared to most F1 doodles he is quite light and small. His parents are Bubbles and Dewy and he now weighs about 52 lbs.
His energy is boundless although he is calm and well behaved when needed!
Golden Doodles are still relatively unknown in Holland but Biggles is sure changing that!! He seems to be a people magnet wherever he goes!" If you have more questions about Biggles you can email Dave at
Rerense added Oct 25th 2010

Biggles as a pup.

Biggles as a pup.

Biggles as an adult.

Meet Bentley. He lives in Poland and is a english goldendoodle out of Ebony and Simon. He was born Aug 15th 2008 and is owned by Lucyna. Lucyna says "Thank you Thank you Thank you for the best Dog in the Planet !!!!
Bentley He is the greatest dog on the planet. Everyone in Warsaw where we live LOVES him !!!!!! He is SO respectful, enthusiastic, playful, funny and energetic.he can be off the leash in the park !!!!!!! Total strangers stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful he is, and ooh and aah over him. He is famous in our neighbourhood, and he knows!! iHe is so well tempered and loves people and other dogs so much and as such, we are able to take him with us everywhere we got. I cannot express to you enough how intelligent and adaptable he is. He just makes everyone he meets smile.Bentley is obsessed with fetching his ball!!! He did very well in his puppy school, and knows a lot of tricks already
He is the JOY of our lives!!!!Thanks again for a wonderful dog, life wouldn't be the same without him !!!!
Sherry was responsive and helpful with all of our questions about the breed and was really interactive in choosing the perfect puppy for our lifestyle. I recommend Sherry to everyone!!!!!  Feel free to email me with any questions that you have about our experience with Swiss Ridge, or about the breed in general! My "
Reference added Aug 23rd 2009

Clancy is a english goldendoodle. His parents are Monty and Candace. He is owned by the Buckborough family" Shelley says" Clancy is the best dog...I know you hear that all the time...but it's true. He's been the easiest dog to train. We just completed the 'family companion' first level of obedience classes and Clancy graduated at the top of his class. He is soooo smart. He has had full run of the house for close to 2 months now. He rings bells to go out to pee. He doesn't get into anything. He loves to carry our socks around but he does't chew and destroy them..he just like to have them. He is ball crazy...which is funny...and it's great because it's easy for the boys to exercise Clancy in the yard with the 'chuck it' ball thrower." If you would like to email Shelley to find out more about Clancy her email is
See the youtube video of Clancy below!
Reference added May 12th 2009

Meet Cole. He is a English goldendoodle out of Libby and Monty.
He is owned by the Alexander family. Mike says" This is Cole Alexander from Ottawa, his Mom was Libby. Cole is very special to us. He’s a very loving and gentle companion. He was very easy to train and all he asks from us is to play with him. As much fun as he is he also has a playful mischievous side….sometimes I think he does things just to get a laugh out of us. We were walking in the woods beside the stream one day and Cole was busy frolicking and bounding as he was jumping over the tall grass only to bound right into the stream where he went completely under the water….my boys and I laughed so hard we cried. Another time my son Nate was kneeing down at the edge of the stream and Cole ran up to him and put his front paws on his back and pushed him in the water. I swear he did it on purpose." If you have any question about Cole feel free to email Mike at
Reference added March 16th 2010

Meet Tucker. He is a English goldendoodle out of Chantelle and Monty. He was born Dec 12th 2009. Dan says"We could not be happier with Tucker. He is fantastic and everyone thinks he is the best looking dog they have ever seen. We just had him
neutered on his 7 month birthday and he did great. He even did pretty well wearing the cone for 9 days. He is 7 months and 12 days old today. I have attached a couple of photos of Tucker. He is not allowed
on any furniture except the bean bag chair, but we did find him in the leather chair one day. As you can see he looked like he owned the leather chair. Your dogs are the best and we recommend you to anyone
thinking of getting an English Goldendoodle or one of your other breeds." If you would like to email Dan to find out more info on Tucker his email is
Reference added  July 26th 2010

Tucker at 3 months.

Tucker at 7.5 months.

Meet Barkley. He is a mini english goldendoodle out of Andrex and Eddie born June 16th 2009. He is owned by the Loose family. Laura says "Well Barkley is a year old and so much fun. Our son took this video of his first swim (see the youtube video below). Barkley goes to advanced obedience training every Monday night and then goes to Agility class on Tuesday night often followed with a private half hour lesson some time during the week. He is the light of our lives. Our trainer always says that for Barkley "everyday is Christmas"! He has the greatest personality. He has a Golden's temperament with a little sprinkling of paprika for a little added spice. When he gets to be about five years old I would love to get another one and would not get it from anyone but you. He is everything and more than we ever hoped for. I could go on and on but your know exactly how I feel. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful little guy! Hope all is well with you. If you would like to email Laura to fine out more about Barkley you can email her at

Reference added Aug 3rd 2010

Meet Mojo. She is a bernedoodle out of Libby and Daiko. She is owned by the Hassani family. Jen says" Mojo is almost 6 months old now, and weighs in at 45 pounds. She is a real problem solver! We took her camping a few weekends ago and she figured out how to unzip the tent in about 5 minutes. She is extremely gentle with children and spent last night licking our friends nine month old daughter, despite a few ear tugs and hair pulls. Originally Mojo was almost all black, but her colour is changing as she gets older. She is getting that Bernese rust colour on her nose and white around her eyes... so we're not quite sure what she will end up looking like! Her fur is also getting curlier and she does not shed." If you want to email Jen to find out more about Mojo her email address is
Reference updated August 18th 2011

Meet Puk. Puk is a Bernedoodle from Chantelle and Daiko 12/14/2009. He is owned by the Young family is South Carolina. Laurie says "Puk draws attention wherever we go, everyone wants to know first, what he is, and then, where we got him. He has been such a joy for my husband and I. He never fails to make us smile.
At 1 year he weighs 80 pounds, and it is 80 pounds of love and silliness. One of the best things about him is he is up and ready to go hiking in the mountains, or swimming at the beach, and even just long walks around the neighborhood, but if I'm chilling out, he is fine with that too, the best nap buddy you could ask for.
He is built like a Tank, but very sweet and gentle with smaller dogs and kids. His best friend is a dachshund and he lays down on the ground and lets his little buddy climb on his head and bite his ears.
Puk Loves people! He goes to work with me quite a bit and gets to be the official greeter when he is there. Clients love seeing him first thing when they walk through the door.
He is very intelligent and learned basic commands and tricks very quickly, he loves to learn new things.
Puk is such a delight that I cannot imagine what is was like without him now, he has become such an important part of our family.
My husband and I highly Recommend Sherry and her pups, they are well socialized and have terrific temperaments. Puk is a very healthy dog with no issues.
If you are considering a Bernedoodle from Sherry and have any questions I would be more than happy to help. Contact me at "
Reference added Dec 17th 2010

Puk at 1 year.

Puk at 1 year.

Puk at 10 weeks.

Puk at 10 weeks.

Heidi is a mini bernedoodle out of Daisy and Eddies litter. She was born April 2009. She is owned by the Levy family in Chicago, IL. Mike and Rebecca say “Heidi has been everything we expected and more.  She’s as cute as can be, very smart, and full of personality.  She mastered several commands within weeks of getting home, and we’re still stopped everywhere we go (everyone asks about her!).  She’s known at the park as the ‘Fun Director;’ as she always makes sure everyone is having a great time.  Swissridge has done an absolutely wonderful job in breeding these dogs.  Heidi has been the absolute perfect mix; she’s fun and she LOVES curling up on the couch next to us at night.  We posted some clips of her on YouTube too:"  You can see the video's by clicking the links below!
If you have more questions about Heidi you can email Mike or Rebecca at
Reference added Dec 19th 2010

Heidi at 8 weeks.

Heidi at 3 months.

Heidi at 1.5 years.

Heidi at 1.5 years.

Bailey as a pup.

Bailey as a pup.

Bailey as a adult.

Moose is a standard goldendoodle out of Clea and Dewy's litter. He is owned by the Branson family. Maisie says this about Moose "We can hardly believe a year has almost passed since we got Moose- we wanted to let you know how grateful we are. We simply adore him and he is such a huge part of our family. He is calm, kind and such a snuggle bunny. He loves bones and is so good. Everyone who meets him adores him too and we keep sending people to your website. Thank you for giving us such a little treasure:) We hope you are well and had a wonderful year as well!" If you would like to email Maisie to ask more questions about Moose her email address is

Reference added Dec 20th 2010

Meet Roxi. She is an English goldendoodle. She is owned by Jodi and Chris. Her parents are Libby and Monty. You can see pictures of her as she matures. The 1st picture is of Roxi at about 3 months, the 2nd picture she is about 8 months and the last picture she is 11 months! She has turned into an amazing and very beautiful girl!  Jodi and Chris say " Roxi is now approximately 11 months old, and she's been an amazing addition to our family. Roxi has a great disposition, with a loving personality. She loves her routines, yet, she is also very adaptable. Roxi loves to go for walks in the neighborhood and seeing her friends at the dog park. However, she also loves to rest, relax, and nuzzle up with us at our home in Ottawa, Ontario. Roxi brings out the best in everyone around her. We are so proud to be the owners of this intelligent  and loving girl. Feel free to email us with any questions at "
Reference added Feb 5th 2012

Meet Paisley Martini our English Goldendoodle from SwissRidge Kennels.  Paisley is a pup out of Aurora and Falcor and is just over one year.
Paisley was flown to us on Air Canada when she was eight weeks old and she arrived happy and in flawless condition.  She resides in  San Clemente, California with Cathleen and Daniel Martini who are both retired.  In our 40 plus years together we have never owned a dog as special as Paisley.  Not only is she beautifully bred and healthy but she is a stunning dog as well.  But the most special thing
about Paisley is her wonderful personality.  She loves other people, dogs and especially children.  She is our perfect family pet as we have five grandchildren.  We can not praise Sherry enough for breeding such all around healthy dogs with such wonderful temperments. 

If you would like to email Daniel or Cathleen to find out more about Paisley their email address is

Reference added Feb 23rd 2012

Meet Molly from SwissRidge Kennels.  Molly is out of Danny's litter.  She is owned by the Eastwood family!
Molly is 4 months old in the first picture and weighs 7.3lbs and 5 month old in the 2nd picture and weighs 8.5lbs.
Francine says "Molly is the most adorable dog I’ve ever met.  Everyone falls in love with her right away.  She is playful, adorable, sweet and cuddly.  But most of all, she is very smart and learns so quickly.  She loves all dogs and humans... She’s not sure about the ducks in the pond as she gets up on her back legs and growls like a bear.  It’s quite funny.
We can’t thank you enough!!!  The kids adore her and don’t want to go away on holidays unless it’s with Molly!!"
If you would like to email Francine to ask more about Molly her email address is
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Meet Milou.  He is owned by the Lalonde family and is a puppy from Jada and Sting (mini f1b goldendoodle).  Milou joined our family only 3 weeks ago and we feel like he has been here for years.  He is a loving and lively puppy that adjusted to his new family without any problems.  When outside, he is a furball of energy and he can easily relax in his crate just as well.  Only 10 weeks old, he already understands his name and knows to sit for a treat.  Thank you so much Sherry for choosing such a perfect dog for our family.  He is all that we had hoped for and more.  Thank you also for being so open to follow-up questions and comments, you obviously care a great deal about breeding high quality dogs and for their well-being.  Anyone looking for more information can e-mail Renée at .
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Meet Enzo. He is owned by the Frank family! He is a standard goldendoodle out of Sofie and Arimas.
Cathy says: We LOVE this dog.  When we first let him out of his kennel at the airport, he just sat down, smiled, and said, “Here I am!”  His personality could not be better!  He has integrated wonderfully into our family, and he holds his own against our five year old shepherd, Yaro.   Actually, the two are inseparable, and the best thing is that the pup is learning from Yaro who is highly trained (we do not leash Yaro on walks etc.).  Enzo has been incredibly easy to train as a result.  Attached is a picture of Enzo (10 months old yesterday) and Yaro (just for comparison, Yaro weighs in at 88 lbs. we don’t have a recent weight for Enzo).  We have had several people ask us how we got the dogs to pose for this picture.  I told them I just said, “sit.”
We are extremely happy (even my husband who still thinks Enzo looks like a Wookiee).  Thanks for everything!"

Cathy and David
If you would like to email Cathy to find out more about Enzo her email address is
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