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SwissRidge Kennels offers training sessions personalized for your needs.
Our training goal is to ensure that dogs are never given up by owners because of behavioral issues. We help transform your dog into a well-behaved member of your family and the community.  We see many dogs that other trainers have given up on. No problem is too big for our trainer to handle. 
At SwissRidge Kennels, we know that every dog needs specialized attention, and we offer many training options to fit your needs. We offer everything from starter puppy packages to intensive lessons dealing with more serious issues, such as aggression. 
Please call or e-mail to set up a FREE evaluation to see what training best suits your dog’s needs.
705-786-7552 or
We also take dogs in for boarding and offer training the same time your dog is boarding with us!
This makes a lot of sense so when you are away on vacation your dog is being trained at the same time.
INBOARD TRAINING for Dogs aged 8-12 weeks
Puppies will begin crate training, walking on leash and imprinting basic commands (sit, down, come and stay). The majority of puppies in this program “graduate” knowing basic commands, how to walk perfectly on a leash, and are 90-95 percent accident-free in the crate. Every puppy is different, and some may not be mature enough at this age to fully master commands.  However, early imprinting will lay the foundation for later obedience training and help the puppy learn very quickly. The training course fee includes board and training for 4 weeks. This also includes the 2nd round of vaccines.
INBOARD TRAINING for Dogs aged 16 weeks and older
Our most popular training program is our four-week inboard training program, in which dogs learn all basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay, heel and come). During this program, we can set aside time to focus on specific problems such as canine aggression and leash aggression at no extra charge. While in training, owners are not permitted to visit as it will upset and distract the dog.  However, you may contact us for regular updates on your dog’s progress. At the conclusion of the program, you will have a one-hour session with the trainer to ensure that you and your dog are able to complete all the commands to our training standard. This program includes two follow-up sessions, to be used within 6 months of completion. 
The optimal age for learning commands is from 16 weeks onward. The course for dogs 16 weeks and older is $1,900 for training, we offer a reduced boarding fee of $25/day for these dogs. This program is very intense and you will see a very positive improvement in your dogs behavior after the 4 weeks. Lucas Mucha is the sole trainer for the puppies in the 16 week and older program.
For those dogs that already know all the basic commands we can take them to the next level. Contact us for more information about advanced training packages and prices.
We offer private one-on-one training sessions.  Please contact us for more details.
Lesson are $120 for the first hour and $30 for every hour after that.
Phone Consultations
We also offer help over the phone for people that live a distance or require advice about a specific problem. Phone Consultation are $60 an hour.
Before we accept a dog for training, you must fill out the training form (click below).
Note:  your dog must be fully vaccinated for Kennel Cough at least 14 days prior to visiting us, and no more than 3 months. Your dog must also be on a flea and worm prevention program. All documents must be faxed to us before your dog visits.
Questions for the Trainer?
Charleigh is one of the hundreds of dogs we have helped in the last few years. Charleigh was a dog who was returned to me due to many behavioral issues. See the video of her below and how she responds now!
Reference from one of our many very happy clients!!!!!

This reference is from Christine the lady who adopted Charleigh. Charliegh was a trainers worst night mare when we got her. After a few month with use she went to live with Christine and her family and this is what Christine has to say about Charleigh now!

"First, I have to say Charleigh ROCKS! and is the most amazing dog ever!

Charleigh came to us from Swissridge Kennels on October 19th 2009 at the age of 17 months. We found her on Swissridge Kennels website - Adult Dog link. She is a Bernedoodle. We were a bit hesitant to get an older dog but with the training Lucas provided Charleigh it was the best decision we ever did. She is so sweet natured and so well behaved. She loves to work and always wants to please. I know Sherry mentioned that Charleigh arrived back at Swissridge Kennels with some behavioral issues...but I have to say we have not seen any of them. What ever issues Charleigh had they were gone. Charleigh quickly and easily fit into our routine and has adjusted so well. She has been with us only 4 months but it seems like she has been with us forever. Lucas has provided great advise over the telephone with regards to Charleigh's training and what we need to do and I know he is just a phone call away if we have any problems.

Charleigh easily follows the basic commands of sit, down, stay, heal and come. In fact she loves to please so much that sometimes it seems like she knows what I am going to say before I even say it...I just have to look at her! :) She knows all the hand commands. The thing I was so shocked with was how easily Charleigh transferred over to us. I thought maybe she would resort back to some old ways with a new owner...not so.

She is so sweet and good with our 2 year old daughter...she is incredibly patient!!!!

Lucas and Sherry were honest with us and advised that Charleigh was an active dog and needed a lot of exercise. I very much appreciate their honesty as it is very important to Charleigh that she gets her daily exercise. This makes her so happy! Charleigh is an absolute perfect match for us and I thank Sherry for that!  

We go to the dog park every day and everyone always comments on what a great well behaved dog she is. When people hear we have only had her a short time...they can't believe how well she listens to me! All I have to say is "Charleigh come" as my daughter and I are leaving the dog park and no matter what she is doing she heads our way. She walks great off leash or on leash. She hangs close to home and is so loyal!! I run with her every morning off leash, she roams around but always comes back when I yell "come" and will heal close when I say "heal". Our yard is only currently half fenced in...we can let Charleigh out in the morning, she does her business and comes right back to the door. She quickly learned the saying "stay in the back"! :) She then patiently waits while I wipe her paws. She sits and waits while we enter or go outside, then she follows once we say "come". I really could go on and on. She is perfect. She continues to surprise us everyday. When we are at the cabin the forest is her backyard...but she always hangs close by and comes whenever she hears her name. Of course we can not take credit for any of the training...Lucas did it all. Charleigh is who she is today because of Lucas. Everyone who meets Charleigh wants a dog like Charleigh!!!

Lucas did an amazing job! Charleigh is amazing! I am open to talking to anyone if they would like a recommendation on hiring Lucas as a trainer for their dog.

We love Charleigh so much and so happy that she is a part of our family. Getting Charleigh from Swissridge Kennels was a perfect decision...we would not hesitate in the future to get another dog from them...of course we would definitely first have it trained by Lucas!!

Thanks to you both for making Charleigh such a wonderful family pet!!!!

ok I better go!
take care
thanks again for a great dog!
Christine, Iain, Mary Anne and Charleigh
If you would like to email Christine her email is


Fritz came to us us an older puppy (7 months).  He was a very sweet puppy right away with a hilarious personality but was having a lot of trouble adapting to his new life in the city.  He was going through an intense fear period (he was scared of people, kids, his crate, almost everything) and also having some extreme separation anxiety.

After about a month, it seemed to be getting worse instead of better despite the fact that we were trying everything that we knew or read to do. The breeder and I had been discussing how we should deal with this best and she decided to come and visit us with Lucas (the Trainer). 

Lucas immediately figured out Fritz’s personality – what makes him happy, what makes him scared, what body postures and actions we should look out for and how we should react in all of the above instances. 

He explained everything so clearly (makes it seem very easy) and taught us how to react to different types of situations and more importantly how NOT to react in others.  He taught us to coach Fritz through these fears and to trust him.  He took me and Fritz out and showed me how exactly to socialize him and how to know when I’ve reached his limits.  He spent only one afternoon with us and when he left Fritz was a literally a completely different puppy.  I had taken him to the pet store earlier that day to try to socialize him and he was scared, running from the people at the counter, hiding behind my legs and not taking any treats.  After Lucas left, I took him back to the same store.  I did everything Lucas had showed me and Fritz took treats from the people behind the counter and let them pet him – he even laid down at someone’s feet for a belly rub!  I was amazed.  We have been practicing every day since and we’re so happy to say that he now enjoys letting the kids in the neighbourhood feed and pet him and often goes up to strangers to say hello. The instructors at our obedience classes quickly noticed the change as well.  We are continuing to practice what Lucas showed us and he only gets better every day. 

Lucas also showed us how to properly walk him and he walks with so much pride now and is so much more confident and brave in everything he does. 

Before Lucas came he used to growl at anyone that came in our house.  By using the techniques Lucas showed us, he has gotten so much better at this and now trusts people that we allow in.  He even has a dog walker come in once a day while we are working and they have become quick friends.

We also asked Lucas for some tips on the separation anxiety.  His suggestions helped immensely and due to the confidence he built from the other things Lucas showed us – Fritz conquered this only a week after Lucas’s visit.  He rarely barks and never urinates when alone now, and we no longer have a fear of him hurting himself when we are gone or asleep.

We are so incredibly thankful to Lucas as we are certain that if he had not had come we would still be struggling with the same issues and that they would likely still be getting worse.  He is truly an expert. I have been telling everyone I talk to how amazing our experience was.  We would recommend Lucas to anyone that would like to train their dog for behavioural issues or would just like to  learn more about their dog and how to make them a better behaved member of the family and the community. We are still in amazement at how much of a difference that one short afternoon made in Fritz.   We have been able to enjoy him so much more now.  He is an amazing puppy! Thank you thank you thank you!

Kristen, Gary and Fritz

Feel free to email Kristen if you have any questions about the training at


We have had two training sessions with Lucas.  For our first session Lucas did an in-home visit and that session changed our lives.  We were having a lot of difficulties with crate training and early obedience issues and Lucas gave us some amazing ideas and things to do that have made our lives with Maggie, our puppy a lot better.  Our second session was an obedience lesson and Lucas was able to explain to us in simple terms how to handle difficult situations like barking at people or jumping on people.  His training was clear and concise and we have had amazing results.  We can't wait for Maggie's 3 week in home training session with Lucas.  Thank you for all your help Lucas, we have told all our friends who complement us on Maggie's behaviour about you!


We’d like to start by thanking you both for the great care that you took of Cash during his stay with you for the 3-week training program.  It was wonderful to go on vacation knowing that he was in excellent hands.  We knew he would have a great time playing with the other dogs, our only concern was if he would remember us and if he would want to come home! LOL!  We didn’t need to worry, he definitely remembered us and seemed to settle right back in at home without any issues!
Cash has always been a good dog, wanting to please, but there were some things we just couldn’t seem to teach him.  Cash completed his training with Lucas and has now been home for a couple of weeks.  We are SO thrilled with his progress!  All of the things that we asked he be trained on were done.  He now lies down on command (even in the midst of excitement) and stays until we release him, stays off leash outside, comes when called (every time!), he no longer nips or chews on hands, he no longer jumps up on us or our guests and his walking is fantastic - he stays beside us with the leash nice and loose.  An added bonus of Cash being around the other dogs is that he is much more polite with other dogs we meet J he learned doggy etiquette!

We have had many compliments from neighbours and other dog owners at the dog park who can’t get over how well behaved and trained he is for only 7 months old!  Our close neighbours are amazed at his transformation.  It was money well spent, such a good investment in his future as a well-balanced, well-behaved dog. 

Lastly, thank you to Lucas for spending so much time to show us the necessary techniques to continue Cash’s training...  we’re working at home to continue Lucas’ good work. 

Thank you so much for everything!  We’ll definitely send him up for boarding when we take our next vacation.
Suzanne, Paul, Emily & Cash


Fritz owned by Kristen and Gary
Cash owned by Suzanne, Paul and Emily
Wouldn't it be nice to have a dog like Allie (seen in the video below). Our trainer can get your dog to this level of obedience.

We offer boarding at SwissRidge kennels. You can now know that your dog is in a warm, loving environment as I only take a limited number of dogs for boarding at one time. All boarding dogs are all boarded in a home environment. We will crate them when we are out just like you do at home but the rest of the time they are spending time with us in the home.
Your dog never has to be kenneled again if you board them at Swissridge kennels.
Your dog will also get playtime with many other dogs and get to romp and play in our 3 acre fenced backyard and swim in the pond. Each day we set aside time for one on one play and cuddle time with all boarding dogs.
The fee for boarding is $55/day + HST
Please let us know if you would like an exit bath the day of pickup (exit baths are $50). I highly recommend an exit bath. Your dog will be playing and having fun with lots of other dogs and swimming in the pond. There is nothing better then a fresh and clean dog when you come to pick it up.
All boarding dogs must be up to date on all vaccines. Vaccinated for bordetella within the last 6 months of arrival to the kennel and no earlier then 5 days to arrival. All dogs must be on current flea meds and dogs over 6 month must be nuetered. Proof of all vaccines must be emailed to Swissridge kennels before drop off.