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Sting was imported from Ukraine! He is from top poodle lines around the world and comes from a long line of world class champions! His lines have been tested many generations back and his background in terms of looks, temperament and health is very solid. He has an outgoing and very friendly personality. He loves to be with people and gets along great with other dogs as well. He is fun and playful and NOT shy or timid. He will produce very nice, dark colored pups.
Height: 10"
Weight: 10lbs

Health Clearances
Sting at 8 months
Sting at 8 months
Sting at 2 years 
Studs:Standard poodles
Studs:Mini/toy poodles
All I can say about this boy is WOW!!!! He simply takes my breath away every time I look at him. He is one of the most well built poodles I've seen. He is perfect to breed with my retrievers and bernese as he is very stocky for a poodle and has a beautiful head and a shorter muzzle. He will give his puppies short muzzles and stocky builds. Not only is his body structure so amazing but he is a striking red and white color. His personality is phenomenal. Many poodles are hyper. This boy is so laid back. He loves to have fun and play with the other dogs but he has such a docile, calm and gentle nature that I just love. This dog has it all from amazing bloodlines that are cleared of genetic disease, to looks, color and personality I would not be able to find a better breeding male then Hendrix!!!!

Height: 25""
Weight: 69lbs

Health Clearances
Meet Diesel. He is quite the character. He is fun, playful and very loving and has such a unique spark about him. He plays with all the big dogs and I don't really think he knows how small he really is. He loves to play fetch and will carry sticks around in his mouth 4 times his size. I guess he see's the big dogs doing it and he try's to copy them! He is curious and good in any situations. He is great with all people and all dogs. He is very social, affectionate and just loves everyone. On top of this great personality  he is a stunning little man!!!!!

Height: 9""
Weight: 7lbs

Health Clearances
Dizzy in my little man and is one of a kind. There is something so special about this little boy. He has captured my heart and is like the child I never had. I've never been more connected to a dog like I've been to this little guy. He is truly my everything!!!! He has everywhere and does everything with me!
Just to give all of you an example how amazing this litter guy is. We drove 22 hours to Florida this past winter and we brought Dizzy with us. The whole 22 hours he slept in between my boyfriend and I in the front seat. We didn't hear a peep out of him. When it came time for a rest stop we let all the dogs out to play and he was running around like crazy and playing with all the other dogs. He has that perfect personality that is calm when you need him to be. He just relaxes and sleeps but when I want to play with him he is always up to wrestle or go or a long walk or hike. He loves TV and will sit and watch it for hours even if we are not with him.
He loves people and other dogs. He has such a cute personality and can stand on his 2 hind legs and dance around. He will gaze into my eyes in a non stop stare for more then 5 minuets with eyes that tell me how much he loves me! Dizzy is VERY special! I'm very excited to add him to my breeding program as I feel he has so much potential  and will give so many of his desirable characteristics to his offspring!!!!

Meet Henry!!!!! He is the most perfect bernedoodle!!! He is so affectionate, loyal, loving and protective and on top of all this he is a big teddy bear.
He is very social and loves everyone. I can take him anywhere and he is so chill and just goes with the flow. This past winter we decided to take the long 24 hour drive to Florida. We took Henry with us and he slept the whole way there. I didn't hear a peep put of him for 24 hours. We had so much fun in FL with him. We took him to dog parks, beaches, camping and he was in his element! He enjoyed all the attention, meeting new people and getting tons of attention from strangers. I think he thought he was a celebrity for 2 weeks :)
If his puppies have even an ounce of his personality (which they will). You will have the most amazing, fun, social, loving dog a person could ask for!!!

Height: 27"
Weight: 88lbs

Health Clearances
Valentino is a phantom Standard Poodle. The term “phantom” refers to his coloring–specifically, a black coat with brown points. The black in Valentino’s coat is the darkest I’ve ever seen on a dog; I call it midnight black. His coat actually sparkles in the sunlight. On top of his beautiful colouring, his body structure is amazing. Many poodles are long and lanky but Valentino has a more solid build, with a beautifully shaped head and muzzle. His strong, masculine build is unique and eye-catching.

A gentle, calm and loving dog, Valentino also has a goofy side, which shows up most frequently with his sister, Coco. Valentino was the little guy in their litter (not so little anymore!) and has always been the more laid back of the two. Big sister Coco was the leader, loyally defending her brother if he got picked on by other dogs. Even though he is technically the big brother now, Coco still looks out for Valentino.

The quiet kid in the SwissRidge “classroom,” Valentino has a sweet soul, and loves dogs and people. Like my other intact male poodles, he is very secure. I never need to worry about tension in the pack. The boys all romp and get along great. This is rarely the case with intact males.

I purchased Valentino from a reputable breeder, and am pleased that he comes from a line of well-bred, health-tested parents. 
Height: 24"
Weight: 56lbs

Health Clearances

Height: 8"
Weight: 7lbs

Health Clearances

Studs:English goldendoodle
Mogley is the most loveable, social, playful, affectionate dog wrapped up in a big, goofy body. He loves everyone and loves all dogs. Right now he lives in a home with a very good friend of mine and another doodle they adopted from me. They have nothing but great things to say about him. He fits perfect into their family. He enjoys both city life and loves their cottage which he travel's very well to many times during the year. He loves being outdoors and loves to join his family in many outdoor activities. He loves meeting new people and new dogs and he greets everyone with a wagging tail. Whenever he comes back to the kennel he greets me with a big hug. Mogley not only has the most awesome personality he is also stunning! The pups that he has produced have taken after his good looks and have absolutely phenomenal personalities! 

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Studs: Australian Labradoodle
Levi is the first Australian Labradoodle (ALD) I have ever owned. An Australian Labradoodle is a cross between the Poodle, Cocker Spaniel and Labrador Retriever. They come in a range of sizes and colors. Well-bred Australian Labradoodles, including Levi, are registered through the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

I have been interested in adding ALD to my lines for some time, but the dog had to be just right. I searched high and low for a dog with Levi’s attributes and smaller size. I finally found him with one of the top ALD breeders in North America. His pedigree is solid with generation after generation of health-tested parents.

Levi is a handsome boy, with the soft, fleecy non-shedding coat that is prized in ALDs. In temperament, he reminds me of a Goldendoodle, which is probably why I like him so much! He’s exceptionally well behaved, intelligent and eager to please. He’s spirited, and brings an amazing light into every situation. Curious and spunky, he loves nothing more than being carried around and cuddled. He’s delighted to meet everyone who comes to pick up his pups.

Levi adores all the females in the kennel, which isn’t too surprising. What is surprising is that he gets along wonderfully with all the other intact males. Levi, Sting and Diesel run together in a happy little pack. Levi also loves playing with his puppies! This just proves it pays off to put the time into finding the right dogs with the right temperaments.

Levi is now siring “Australian Bernadoodles” at SwissRidge, which is a cross between an Australian Labradoodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. He has produced some truly stunning pups. Long may this continue!
Height: 14"
Weight: 14.5lbs

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