Gift of Life
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My dogs are blood donors for Life Stream Blood Bank in Kingston, ON. Just like humans animals often require blood to save their lives in times of trauma, surgery or disease. Our pets are members of our family this is why I feel it is important for my dogs to help out. In addition my dogs are blood typed and have had a complete blood count profile done. They have also been screened for Heartworm, Lyme disease, Haemobartenalla ( a parasite that lives on the RBC), Ehrlicia spp. (ticks transmit this disease), and Babesia canis (ticks transmit this) This species attaches to the RBC, penetrates them and eventually destroys them. If a mother has this she can infect her puppies. So knowing that the mother is free of Babesia canis is very benificial! If you would like to find out more about the blood bank or get your dog involved please click on the button below and you will be redirected to their website.
The pictures below are of some of my dogs donating blood and their stories!
Cheyenne on the table. This is her first time donating blood and she did great! As you can see she makes it look like a breeze.
Molly was great. She was a little shy at first but once she knew what was going on she did awesome!
Molly is right into it now and enjoying every minuet of it!
Clea  didn't move a muscle when she was donating. She did exactly what she was suppose to do. Another great donor!
Dawson was a litle bit of a baby when it came to the needle. So we decided to let him watch the girls and they could show him how it is done, LOL :)
The Lady sitting with Dawson is Sandy. She is the President of Life Stream.
Cheyenne and Amber after their blood donation was complete. They earned themselves a nice red handkercheif!
Cheyenne says " Nighty Night"
Here are some exciting stories of how our dogs blood has helped those in need!
1. Molly and Cheyennes blood, the packed red blood cell part, was shipped to Toronto      to help an ill 10 year old dog. The girls blood helped in the blood transfusion for this        dog!
2. Joanie's blood was sent to a little Jack Russel that had puppies. She had one surviving puppy and aborted the rest and she would have died without a blood transfusion. Joanie's blood got her through the rest of the night and they gave her the rest of the blood the following day. The owners were so please to get the blood for the little dog that they drove to the farm to pick it up. Joanie is now a super hero!
Chablis and me.
Look at that proud face!
Do I get a biscuit now?