My Girl's Goldens and Goldendoodles

Below are pictures of my girls. We breed retrievers to poodles to produce goldendoodles and bernese to poodles to produce bernedoodles!  Both the bernedoodles and goldendoodle are great for most people with allergies. They are extremely smart and easy to train. All my dogs have passed their health clearances before breeding. Please click on the tabs below each dog to view their clearances.
  SwissRidge Kennels  Breeders of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles
Meet Charlie. She is a mini goldendoodle out of Chablis and Elvis. Charlie is such a little character, fun loving and full of life! She loves swimming, playing fetch and doing everything a full grown retriever can do. Her personality resembles a retriever it's amazing. She is the best of all worlds and has the personality of a retriever, in a small package with a non-shedding coat! Her favorite thing to do is stand on 2 legs walking upright like a human! It's so cute!
Height: 15"
Weight: 18lbs
Check out my video to see how everyday life is like for the dogs at SwissRidge Kennels! See if you can pick out which dogs are which!
Height: 23"
Weight: 76lbs
Sofie is a golden retriever from superb lines. Everything a golden retriever breeder looks for in there show lines she has. She is a solid dog, with a beautiful head, top straight line, ample amount of feather and she has an amazing gait. Her personality is fantastic! She loves kids, is playful and energetic and loves to play fetch. She isn't a lazy golden like some of my other ones. She loves to have fun, play with the other dogs and she is very social. She is the one I like to take running as she loves it and can keep up! She looks forward to this every morning!
She would be an amazing family dog for any family especially one that is active and have kids that are always on the go. Her puppies will be similar in that they will be very social, go lucky puppies, always up for an adventure and will not be shy or timid! They will have that personality that most families look for in a puppy!

Meet Bella. She is a mini goldendoodle out of Rory and Eddies litter! Many of our breeding dogs we adopt out to families and use them for breeding once a year. Bella is one of those dogs! She is living with the El Masarani family is Mississauga, ON. John says this about Bella" Bella is an absolute delight! Bella is extremely intelligent, friendly and outgoing. She loves being around people and is often the life of the party! Bella is also great with children, she loves playing. Bella is a very loyal and dependable dog.
She loves being around kids, one of our neighbours down the street have a little girl whose name is Rain. Every once in awhile when her mother is not paying attention she will sneak out and come over to play with Bella. At first I had no idea that’s what she was doing  until I heard her Mom screaming up and down the streets looking for her. Now she knows if she can’t find Rain than most likely she’s on the way over to find Bella. Rain loves Bella so much that she named all her stuffed animals “Bella” which I think is the cutest thing. Rain is about 4 years old now and the last time she came over she walked her 120lbs Rottweiler (Laila) over to play with Bella. Rain said “Laila was sad because she did not saw Bella in a long time” So sure enough it was a play date with Bella, Laila, Rain, myself and 2 of Rain’s stuffed animals all named Bella.

Bella is the kind of dog that attracts everyone and anyone to her. When I bring her over to my grandparents house it lightens up their day. She is full of energy and brings laughter to everyone whose near.  I couldn't ask for a better friend in my life, we try to do everything together and when I can’t bring her with me I feel so guilty. She’s the best!"
As you can see Bella is great with children and an amazing family dog! Her pups will exhibit these characteristics as well!

Height: 14"
Weight: 36lbs
Meet Danny. Danny is a English mini goldendoodle out of Andrex and Eddie!
Danny is an amazing dog. She is very fun, playful and she loves to be with people. She is very confident and keeps up with all my golden retrievers. She loves to play with my boyfriends cane corso's and she thinks she is part of there pack. She loves to play fetch (as you can see in the picture) and loves swimming in the pond. She is great around kids and other animals! All in all Danny is a very affectionate, loving dogs and you can trust her around anyone! She brings happiness and joy into any atmosphere she goes!
Danny is an amazing dog!

Height: 14"
Weight: 31lbs
Tonka is a English goldendoodle that was bred at my kennel. She was featured on the television show "breeder of the pack" that airs on Animal planet weekly. She is such an amazing goldendoodle and has the perfect bone structure and personality that I like to see in all goldendoodles. She is very stocky and has a very beautiful face. She is very calms and docile . She loves being with people and other dogs. She is one of those dogs that lays around the house all day . She is so quite I forget she is there HOWEVER when we go outside to play she is active and playful with me and the other dogs. All in all she is the perfect dog in both looks and personality!
Height: 21"
Weight: 58lbs
Meet Kyla. She is out of Clea (one of my retired females) and Monty. She is half English retriever and half north american retriever. Her father Monty can be seen here . Her mother Clea was a dark red retriever with a very large head and stocky body. Her mother has the calmest personality I've ever seen in a golden retriever. She is so laid back and relaxed and would follow me like a shadow never letting me out of her site. Kyla is exactly like her mother. She is very calm, never barks or jumps and LOVES being very close to us. She never let's us out of her site (just like her mother) and she would rather be by our side then off playing with the other dogs. She is so gentle, calm and great with all people, children and other dogs. She is a very special girl and will produce some amazing pups

Height: 21"
Weight: 68lbs
Meet Zara. She is a beautiful golden retriever. She is such a social butterfly and loves playing with all the other dogs. She is like the clown of the pack. She is the goofy one that keep's everyone else entertained and having fun. She loves to swim, role on her back in the grass, chase and play with all the other dogs. She loves being outside and is defiantly one of those dogs that loves adventure and the outdoors. She loves exercise and going on hikes. When she comes inside she is so calm, gentle and relaxed. She is basically your perfect retriever. She is fun, loving and active outside and inside she settles right down and relaxes. Her pups should have a similar personality to this!

Sadia is a stunning english mini goldendoodle. Her parents are Lights and Eddie.
Her foster family is the Kopeschny family.  Sadie is always a perfect gem when she comes to visit the kennel. We just love having her here. Debbie (her adoptive mother) says "Sadie is a great combination of  independence and companion. She is friendly and outgoing, and enjoys meeting people and dogs everywhere. She is not afraid of anything except the vacuum cleaner. She loves car rides, boat rides, long walks, swims anywhere, digging and catching the snow. Sadie is like the everready bunny, and will go and go until you stop, and then she settles down too. She loves being outside and watching nature around her, but will cuddle on the couch with us too. She likes learning tricks, and being the center of attention, but she will also curl up at your feet and fall asleep when there is a conversation around her. Her favorite toys are sticks, balls, and a treat filled Bionic. Sadie is a great size, and looks more retriever than poodle, with thick dense hair which doesn`t shed. "

Height: 16.5"
Weight: 34lbs
Height: 22"
Weight: 65lbs
Meet Aria. She was bred at Swissridge kennels. Her parents are Ebony (imported from Belgium) and Monty (imported from Spain). Monty is also our Canadian Champion male who is a stunning specimen of the breed!
We also own 3 of Aria's full sisters (from different litters). Atlantis, Aurora and Lights are all full sisters to Aria. They all have the same amazing, gentle, loving, calm and sweet personality. Aria get's along so well with all the other dogs and any person she meet's whether they are young or old she loves everyone. She is so gentle just like all her sisters. She is your typical retriever. She loves playing fetch and carrying a stick around in her mouth. She is always so proud and prances around when she has a stick or ball. She not only has an amazing personality but she is stunning! I have researched her lines over 5 generations back for genetic diseases and I have checked not only her and her parents but many dogs in her vertical pedigree (including her 3 sisters for genetic disease and they have all passed). It is nice to know her lines are very healthy and she has a very good pedigree behind her.

Height: 23"
Weight: 69lbs
Meet Berlin. She was named after the city in Germany as Germany was the country I imported her from when she was 8 weeks old. Berlin is a English golden retriever.
She is such a stunning dog. She is fun, social, playful and very loving to everyone she meets. When Berlin is not whelping a litter and looking after pups at the kennel she lives with our family friends. The family she lives with has 5 children. They live on a very large dairy farm and have lots of other animals. The farm is a very social, busy place with new people coming and going. Berlin roams around the farm greeting everyone and she is always so welcoming and friendly. She loves meeting new people. She is a dog you can run with and have fun with but she is a very relaxed and gentle dog as well. She loves being with people. Whether her family member's are hiking, swimming, fishing, working on the farm with the cows or relaxing in the house she wants to be with her family wherever they are. Berlin is the perfect all around family dog and she has that perfect temperament that everyone wants in a dog. She is very intelligent and has been very easy to train. Her pups are going to be incredible.

Height: 23"
Weight: 73lbs